Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Illness and a break.

I had my first run today in a week. It was rough. My shin splints have healed, but I ended up catching an upper respiratory funk last week from my 4-year-old. I just can't seem to shake it despite copious amounts of medication. I think I'm going to head to urgent care tonight after I take my daughter to gymnastics. I need antibiotics to clear this since I've been fighting it unsuccessfully for over a week.

It's been so hard to take a break from exercise, but I think the sickness actually helped me heal the shin splints. I probably would have attempted to run much earlier had I not been laid out with the sore throat, stuffy nose, etc.

I do have big news, though! My first 5k is this Saturday! I'm so excited and nervous. I'm aiming to finish in under 30 minutes, but I'm afraid that that may be setting myself up for failure, especially considering how rough the last week has been on me physically and mentally. I have to get over this hurdle before Saturday! I have a definite perfectionist side to my personality, and it has now transitioned into my running. Up until now, I have mainly obsessed over perfect grades, but now I feel like I need to hit certain times in my upcoming races to not feel like a failure. I'm definitely working on getting past this with help from my wonderful husband.

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