Thursday, September 2, 2010

Half marathon progress and second 5k!

I've been battling upper respiratory funk for a few weeks now. I was completely out of training for 1.5 weeks before my 5k last Saturday. I finally got back on schedule this week (thank goodness I had 2 extra weeks built into my half training plan). I started over on Monday and did 4 miles Monday, 2 miles Tuesday, and 4 miles yesterday. Unfortunately, I am starting to feel this illness coming back. That's what I get for not finishing my antibiotics. I started back up last night as soon as my throat started to hurt. I have today and tomorrow to recover before my long run on Saturday, which is 6 miles. I'm really excited about it because the temperature is going down into the 50s! I'll be able to get up Saturday and have a very enjoyable and cool run.

Monday is my next 5k! It's a street run, so it should be much easier than my last 5k. I started getting self conscious about my time, but I read a few course reviews online after the race, and people were complaining quite a bit about the course. I know a cross country course is automatically going to be more difficult, but it made me feel better to see even the experienced runners talk about how hard this course was. This race is in its 28th year, but they changed the course quite a bit this year. Evidently a few people were injured because of the rough terrain and the steepness of the hills. I'm now very proud of my 35:59 finish time. I expect to blow that out of the water on Monday, though.

I'm looking forward to rest and college football over the weekend! The great thing about living in a college town is getting to experience the atmosphere on game day. The entire offensive line of our team is coming to my daughter's preschool tomorrow for a tailgate party! She is super excited to meet them all, and so am I! Go Dawgs!
Happy Labor Day!


  1. Ick, sorry you are stuck w/ the nasty URI.... def finish your antibiotics. I am guilty of not finishing mine either, fortunately it went away.

    You will do great at your 5k Monday, especially if it is a road race, much easier then trail races. I've only done one trail 5k race and that was enough. It was muddy, and very narrow in places, yuck.

    Can't wait to hear that you blew your previous race time out of the water! Good Luck!

  2. You go girl! You have been so committed to your running schedule. I am so proud of you. See you later today!!