Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I was told to update my blog, so here goes. I've been training and training and recovering from shin splints and then training some more. I ended up getting shin splints from my Labor Day 5k. I think it's because I sprinted on the downhill parts and lost my form altogether. I need to focus on not running on my toes when I get to downhill sections. In light of this I have decided not to run another race until after the half marathon. I am at my limit on my training plan. I started with 2 extra weeks built in, and I've had to use those 2 weeks to recover from 2 bouts of shin splints and illness. I have got to stay healthy now!

I ordered new shoes today as my old ones are giving out. My knees, calves and lower back are starting to hurt during my runs, so now is the time to trade up. I wear Asics Gel Cumulus for my underpronation. I absolutely love them! It feels like running on little pillows, which is what a properly fitted shoe should feel like. I spent an hour online today trying to find the Cumulus 11, which is now an old model since the 12s just came out. My shopping paid off when I came across this store. They still have 11s in stock, and I got a pair for $59! That's an amazing price for a shoe that retails at around $100. I also purchased a wicking lightweight jacket that has removable sleeves. I plan on wearing it on my long run on Saturday as a vest since it has plenty of pockets for my Gu and water. I came very close to buying a fuel belt today, but the running store wasn't open yet when I went by, so I managed to talk myself out of buying one. I'm just going to wing it for the time being with my vest and see how it works out.

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