Saturday, July 31, 2010

A hiccup in our days.


Yesterday did not go as planned. The girls and I met our friends at the park for a playdate on Thursday morning. I had a 3 mile run before playgroup, so by the end of play time, I was exhausted. My friend, Mary, suggested that we take our girls and head to Jason's Deli for lunch. I was all for not cooking at that point. Long story short, Nora fell out of the high chair at the restaurant and landed on all fours on the floor. She cried off and on, but I just thought she was tired since it was past nap time. We headed home, and I put her to bed.

She woke up an hour later still in pain. I could not figure out where she was hurt at. I felt all up down her arms and legs and pressed on her abdomen. I finally gave up and let her play for a while. A few hours later, she was still weepy, so I called my mom for advice. She asked if I could move her arms over her head. Ding, ding, ding! She jerked back and yelled when I tried that, so we high tailed it over to urgent care. They took x-rays and said that it was probably a contusion. The doctor showed me the films and the place that he called an inconsistency. He said they would send it to a radiologist just to be sure, but he didn't think it was broken.

We were sent home with orders to use Motrin as needed and let her rest. She woke up yesterday feeling better. I fully expected the doctor to call and say that she was fine. Instead, I got a call right after I put her down for her nap telling me that her arm is fractured and we needed to go to the orthopedist ASAP. After another round of x-rays, it was determined that her humerus is fractured on the proximal end almost in the head of the humerus. The doctor said that it should heal quickly since it's so close to her growth plate. She is now in a sling. I'm putting in pics because it's sad, but also a little adorable to see her in her little sling. People actually gasped when she walked back into the waiting room. I heard a lady say, "oh, that is the cutest thing I have ever seen."

With all that has gone on, I have had major issues getting to the grocery store. I've been meaning to go since Thursday morning, and I will hopefully get there today. No need to update my diet as it has consisted of overnight oats and take out salads for the past few days.


  1. Get well soon, NOra! I hope she tolerates that sling well.

  2. I hope she gets better soon. But it is a little adorable.