Saturday, February 19, 2011

10k results.

So I finished my 10k with an instant PR since it was my first. My sweet baby girl ran the one mile fun run with a friend of ours. I was sad that I missed her first run since the fun run was during the 10k, but DH took tons of pics and I knew she was in good hands. She ran the entire mile and finished in around 13-14 minutes! I have included pics of her running as well as a pic of my 2 year old hanging out.

My finish time was 1:01:43! I made my second of three goal times. I think I probably could have pushed a little harder, especially in the beginning, but I'm still proud of myself. Here are my splits:

Mile 1- 9:27
Mile 2- 10:21
Mile 3- 9:58
Mile 4- 9:52
Mile 5- 9:52
Mile 6- 10:03
.2- 2:06

I think my average pace ended up around 9:55 min/mile. I'm glad I broke 10 min/mile. I have to say that I really enjoyed the hills! I have become an amazingly strong hill runner, as is evident by my split at mile 3. That mile was so hilly, and the hills were really steep at some points- on the uphill side! I was passing people like crazy on the hills.

Now for pictures. There's only one of me and it's from behind, which is what happens when DH runs the camera. Remarkably, he is a very talented photographer, just not when using a point and shoot.

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