Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have my very first 10k this weekend. I'm nervous. Abnormally nervous. I haven't been this nervous about a race since my half. I'm planning to use my time in this 10k to qualify for a specific start gate at the Peachtree Road Race this summer. According to McMillan, I should be able to complete this race in 59 minutes and a few seconds based on my 5k time from last weekend. I ran all out last weekend, but I still didn't max out on heart rate, and I felt like I could probably have shave 15 seconds or more off my first mile with good results. I'm just so unsure of myself at this distance. Do I have the stamina to maintain a sub-10 min/mile pace for that long? I guess time will tell.

I'm going to try to update more often as I am quickly approaching my second half marathon! Only about a month to go. Training is going well, despite the fact that I missed 2 runs this week due to shin splints from bad form at the 5k last weekend. As long as I can stay injury free over the next month, I am confident that I can finish this half with the goal I have in mind.

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