Saturday, February 12, 2011

An update....finally. New PR!

I officially have a new 5k PR! I ran the Athens Academy Spartan Sprint this morning in 29 minutes even! I was aiming for under 30 minutes, but I could not believe that I finished in 29 minutes. My last 5k was the ML5K in January, and it sucked. I started out way too fast and burned out. I finished in 31:11. I was so disappointed in myself. I even placed 3rd in my AG, but that didn't make up for the bad racing I did. My friend just finished C25k and ran this as her first 5k. She was amazing! I was so proud of her, although I did think she wanted to slap me with all the cheering I was doing for her at the end.

Here are my split times for this 5k:
Mile 1- 10:01
Mile 2- 9:26
Mile 3- 8:48
.10- 45 sec

I finally realized after my last 5k that I have to run negative splits to get the times I want. I made a huge effort to stay calm and slow in the first mile so I wouldn't burn out. My strategy paid off!

My training is progressing well for my next half, which is on March 20. My long runs are faster and feel better than they did last fall. I am hoping to finish this half in 2:15 or less. We'll see what happens!

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